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Spirit Wear now available at Swimville

Click the PDF link below to get started.

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Manual Swim & Dive Spirit Wear at Swimville

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Want to participate in a sport but you have too many after-school commitments. Join us in the Pool! Swimming is for you! 

  • No-cut sport. Evening practices.
  • Stroke and Turn instruction provided.
  • Only 2-3 practices a week; six meets required over the season.
  • Compete at your own level with focus on individual growth, while contributing to the team as a whole.
  • 3 All-Team parties to foster community and rally for Regional and State Meets.
  • End-of-Season Banquet
  • Team jacket and team t-shirt

Camaraderie and a commitment to excellence! Keep reading...

Expectations of a Manual Aquatic Athlete

A Manual Aquatic Athlete strives to meet many expectations: Academics, Athletics, Sportsmanship, and Team Building. The swim & dive team is a no-cut sport, but requires your dedication and commitment to your improvement goals and to your team.

Academics: Enjoys a National reputation with a GOLD level ranking with N.I.S.C.A.

Athletics: The team competes at the highest level of State competition.

Sportsmanship: Our student athletes lead by example by showing respect to all others -- opponents, meet workers, teammates, teachers & administrators, and PARENTS.

Team Building: dM stretches as a Team, warms-up as a Team, and we have a Team area at each meet. Participation in swim meets and team activities is expected by all swimmers and divers to build a strong team environment. 

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Pre-Season Checklist

  • Registration on the Swimtopia website at
    • Login Account registration (email address required as User ID)
    • Provide contact info
    • Declaration of Dive, Club Practice, Team Practice
    • Parent Volunteer sign-ups
    • Pay Team Fees (pay with one Check to duPont Manual Swim Team)
      • For Divers and USA Club Practice$160Swimmers
      • For Team Practice Swimmers$260(Extra fee for pool use at Blairwood)
    • Team Jacket fee $60Required for First Year athletes;Available to all athletes.
  • Athletic Department paperwork and fees. All forms found here: to the Athletic office by 9/27. Athletic Office Phone Nbr: 502-313-4048
    • Sports Insurance $40(Separate check to duPont Manual High School)
  • KHSAA Official Sports Physical(doctor/clinic fee)
  • Parent / Student-Athlete Concussion Statement
  • JCPS Parent Permission/Release
  • JCPS Safety Video Signature form
  • Transportation Waiver
  • Parent Communication Agreement
  • Social Networking Agreement
  • JCPS Photo/Videotape Release
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